Monday, November 23, 2015

To Windows 10 or Not To

Do You Need To Upgrade
Windows 10 Review

Review by a Roockie for Roockies 

Only people with legally obtained Windows Vista, 7 and 8 Operating systems can upgrade to 10. This is surely the best way of Windows to get back into the piracy market. Whether they expanded on the already well developed Open Source Platform or they started from scratch we will leave to the Computer Junkies and Conspiracy Theorist to speculate on.

Windows 10
Windows 8 was clearly to target the growing market of Touch Screen Operating Systems but failed admirably with conventional Laptops and Desktops. Screen Flicking with a mouse and keyboard did not quite make the grade. Very Frustrating and resetting after every online update to default tablet view.

Windows 10 Got this right. A true Social Media operating system much quicker out of the blocks on reboot and much easier to use after you flicked around after spending a whole day on your Smart Phone or Tablet. 

It keeps the Custom view settings after updates.
It Does not solve all Driver Errors

Nvidia Driver Error 
Nvidia developed driver errors and does not matter how far you roll back your driver's it does not solve the problem. This error occurs when a certain level of Windows Security updates have been made. Once you picked up this error not even a bigger or better Screen Card Resolves the problem.

Windows 10 does not solve this problem either. Removing one Ram Stick from t a twin slot mother board resolved the problem only until the next Windows Update.

Reasons to Update to Windows 10
1) Faster Boot Up time
2) More Familiar Smart Phone Surroundings 
3) Friendlier Social Media Outlay

Not Tested in This Review
  • Windows Vista Laptops or Desktops
  • Networking
  • Printer Drivers
  • Other Input/Output Devices

By Petrus Viviers
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